Saturday, December 4, 2010

To Do List

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I have the weekend off again. I am not complaining but I know I need to be productive during these two days so that I can be prepared for the following week. Therefore, I need lots of coffee and lots of determination.

What better to do everything by making a list?
  1. Clean makeup brushes.
  2. Organize makeup.
  3. Clean my room.
  4. Wash my blankets and sheets.
  5. Take the dogs out for a walk.
  6. Get my 6 page research paper done.
  7. Get my internship work done.
  8. Go to Copenhagen bakery to get: Dutch Crunch bread, French bread, mini croissants and whole grain bread. Yes, I have to get all four.
  9. Go to Starbucks to get iced coffee mix, venti cup with straw and the graphite oatmeal thermos.
  10. Make lunch for following week.
  11. Hopefully work out.
It's a lot of stuff but hopefully I can do it all!

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