Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Wishlist

T'is the time of year again when everything seems so magical, the clothes are warm and beautiful, you go ice-skating with your loved one and your cheeks are always rosy and red.

It's also the time for giving and receiving gifts. Although, I'm not really a big gift receiver (unless it's secret santa or white elephant) but I am big on getting gifts for myself! Well I just don't feel great receiving gifts from people because I just feel bad even when I give them gifts back so I'd rather give gifts to people and myself than receive them. I've also signed up to give 3 less fortunate children some gifts. Bloomingdale's does a charity every year where we buy gifts for the less fortunate and I signed up ASAP this year. Last year I ended up getting a gift to a 12 year old girl and her request was, ANYTHING. I had such a hard time because I mean, I don't know this girl and when I was 12 I wanted gameboys and maybe a pair of Jordans. Well I eventually got her a nail polish kit (a set of 25!). So, this year I wanted to take it easy since I'm so busy and signed up for 3, 3 year old kids who wanted books and barbies.

I want to make sure they get the books that I loved as a child like The Giving Tree and Dr. Suess books. Can anyone recommend me a website or a bookstore who does the books cheap so I will be able to get them a lot instead of buying The Giving Tree at Borders for $16? Please recommend me some sites! I do want to make these children happy!

I also am going to do the Barnes and Noble charity in which you can buy books for the less fortunate. It, however does get pricey. I did buy a child The Giving Tree last year and it cost me $16!!

Anyways, let me get a little selfish and show you what is on my list this year. Remember, I'm not asking for this from anyone, this is a list of something I want to give myself!

 M.A.C. tartan collection eye pigment set.
Chanel #5.

 The little brown bag. I am a sucker for our little brown label stuff! I want to have it all! I want this plastic one, the little brown mug, the medium brown mug, the shoe bag, the medium canvas bag and the little brown pretzels. I just want everything little brown something especially before I quit!
This gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier bag. I have been wanting this bag for a while now but I never just had the will to drop serious dough on this bag. I'm not really a handbag person but I do feel that I need a handbag soon because I will be taking lots of classes while going to school and I don't want to carry my little clutch while wearing my backpack. This bag is spacey enough for A textbook and some goodies.

What is on your list this year?

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  1. Hee hee, I never ever receive gifts...my family is just not into that tradition, but I would LOVE a kindle! And an iphone! hey, this the season to give, but also to wish! :-)