Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giant's Day
Today was one of the greatest days ever in San Francisco. I got up too late to really make it to the parade but I made sure I watched every second on the television. People were actually camping outside of city hall last night to get a good seating of the giants getting the key to the city and officially named today, Giant's day.
I don't think I've ever felt so proud to be San Franciscan =)
Another joyous occasion was my sister's birthday today!
We went to Hooter's to get some hot wings, tater tots and for my sister and my cousin, fried pickles (I hate pickles). For some reason we thought it would be dead since 1.6 million people were in front of city hall today but it was still busy and it was packed with Giant's fans.
We also went out to a Japanese dinner and it was so delicious!
We first started off with edamame which was placed with our menu and it was free. It was very salty.

Of course I had to get a seaweed salad. I was planning to have it all to myself but my family looked at me in disgust and so I shared. I also ate the lemons on top.

Every Japanese restaurant I go to I must try their udon. My #1 favorite udon still to this day would be Tsuru in Japantown. This was pretty good considering it was $8.00.

Of course I got tempura with it. Unlike other restaurants the tempura came with sauce and on the side which I like because tempura gets soggy and weird in the soup.

Then my family got the sushi boat which is their biggest seller in the restaurant. I had most of the spicy tuna, toro, the shrimp nigiri and tuna. I love sashimi.

Since we had ordered the sushi boat, all the rolls that we ordered after were half off. So, we got this dynamite roll and more salmon sashimi.

Then we all got free miso soup and salad (salad wasn't worth photographing, it was iceberg with some vinaigrette). The miso soup wasn't as tasty =(

We also got another entree to share since sashimi never fills us up. We wanted to try something different so we got fried mackerel. It was alright. It was fishy? which was weird because the sashimi was fresh.

We then had some tuna poki. My sister ordered this when we ordered but didn't receive it until we finished everything.

I've also added four more colors to my collection! They were buy one get one half off. Love BOGO.

Wearing silver for the holiday =)
Well I have to get my beauty routine down and hit the hay.

a n n i e

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