Tuesday, November 2, 2010

San Francisco Love
Yesterday was EPIC. My beloved team, Giants, won the World Series! I was at work and didn't get a customer since 5 o'clock and everyone was going coocoo bananas out in the streets! We were all celebrating after 54 years we finally won the World Series!

I've got so much love for my city by the bay!

My favorite player on the team, Brian Wilson. But, he doesn't look like this.

He looks like this! He actually dyes his beard and his saying is,"Fear the Beard!" I plan on seducing him one of these days. LOL

For lunch I decided to keep it in the theme of San Francisco and had Boudin's. I know I should've gotten a sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder but I was eating at work and didn't feel like lugging a bread bowl full of chowder for 4 blocks. I had the turkey avocado with tomato, havarti cheese and mayo on a croissant bread. The croissant cost about $0.75 more but it was worth it. It was so good!

This is how my coworker and I watched the game at work. We couldn't leave our department to watch on one of the flat-screen tv's but we made it work! San Francisco was so excited that one of the managers actually made a huge announcement when they won and cars were honking and people were screaming. I even heard there was "smoke" in the air.
My heart will always be in San Francisco. Never been more proud to be born and raised here!

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