Friday, November 5, 2010

Coffee Feen
I remember when I was a wee lass I hated the taste of coffee. I also didn't like to watch Seinfeld. I just wanted to drink my milk, juice or Pepsi and watch cartoons. I kept thinking,"Oh when I'm grown-up I'm never drinking coffee, it's so disgusting!"
Then, 17 years later, I can't live without coffee.
I love the bitterness with the creaminess of the milk. I love the aroma wafting in the air. I love how it perks me up every morning.
I've been drinking out of my favorite chipped Starbucks porcelain mug. It comes with the top but I don't use it when I'm drinking at home.
One of the great breakfasts I pair with my coffee.

Oh, and this was one of the lunches I had with my cousin and my sister. We were in San Jose waiting for my cousin's car to get an oil change and we decided to walk a few blocks the wrong way (sorry!) then walk a few more blocks the right way to get some Indian food. I got chicken curry but it was extremely greasy and buttery. When I dipped naan, it was just pure oil. My cousin got the saag chicken and it was really good because butter and spinach is such a great combination. Yum.
This naan wasn't just for me, it was for the three of us. I think we only left one.

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a n n i e

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