Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It is finally cold here in San Francisco. For some strange reason it got hot for a couple of days and then it would rain hard for a couple of days. Now it's just freezing but the air is still. There are no breezes (those sting your face!) and it's not wet. Just cold. Not even cold but COLD.

Only weird thing that I've been wanting are salads. I've still been constantly drinking hot coffee in the morning and make sure my yogurt gets a little lukewarm for my liking. Lots of teas. The cold has really been making it feel like the holidays are really here.

My salads had 3 different-colored bell peppers (yellow, orange and red), red onions, mized greens, half an avocado that I cut up at work so it wouldn't oxidize and a turkey patty. I couldn't even eat the burger because it was freezer-burned =(
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and in the spirit of being thankful I am going to list 10 things I am thankful for:
  1. Having a second chance with Richard.
  2. My family, friends and dogs.
  3. God.
  4. To be able to go to school.
  5. My heritage.
  6. Even after all the alcohol and drug abuse my health is okay.
  7. Music, for giving me the motivation (working out) and entertainment (listening to my iPhone in subways and driving to San Jose).
  8. My essentials: food, shelter and clothes.
  9. My job.
  10. Netflix.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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