Sunday, November 21, 2010

So I finally uploaded all the pictures on my camera. Just a bunch of breakfast pictures. It's not really much but just a bunch of combinations.
 Like a peanut butter bagel thin with hot coffee. Eaten right before i did my makeup.
 Joe's O's with freeze-dried strawberries and non-fat milk. Of course I gotta have the coffee.
 Joe's O's with freeze-dried strawberries, coffee and a yogurt.
 Some mornings I would just have two yogurts and two clementines.
 And you can't forget the coffee.

I think breakfast has become a joy for me at the start of my day. I love the smell and taste of hot coffee. Yet, a big bowl of cereal doesn't give me any staying power. I will literally want to collapse in two hours. Why is that?
 Anywho I tried out a new tea. It's Trader Joe's Jasmine Pearl tea. I wanted this to replace my Stash's jasmine blossom green tea (can't find it anywhere!) and Numi's jasmine green tea (too expensive!) but alas, this tea didn't come close to any of those!
The packaging was really pretty though. It's in this little silk bag but the string was really short and I like to drink tea out of huge cups.
Now, I need to start on two papers. Wish me luck!
a n n i e

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  1. I love the silk bags. Have you tried MIghty Leaf teas? They are pretty good!