Sunday, November 14, 2010

Broke College Student
I signed up for classes tonight and for the first time in a long time, I am actually excited for school! The difference between now and before? I'm finally going to be something that interests me! I signed up for three fashion classes, a general psychology class and I will sign up for two food nutrition classes when my university lets me. It sounds like a lot right? But, I figured fashion isn't really "work" to me, it's something I really enjoy outside of school so it wouldn't be a problem. Plus, if I can't handle it I can drop =P
First tangerine box of the season. Sweet? No. Sour? A bit. Delicious? HELL YEAH. I've been eating them in threes, don't ask me why I chose that number.

This is the broke college part of my blog. I brought home this whole box of pizza (well almost full!) from work. We had a huge pizza and ice cream lunch at work. I worked till closing and one of the managers told me to bring a box home. It looked weird on the Bart: a little Asian girl with a bow in her hair, dressed with a blazer, listening to music and sitting next to potheads. I wish I brought ice cream home because it wasn't just generic ice cream, we had Starbucks, Ben & Jerry and my favorite, It's it! I totally had 6 slices (I haven't had pizza in awhile), two cokes, one sprite and an it's it. I pigged out to the max. I don't feel good at all. Back to eating fresh veggies and fruit!

Check out this web article.
I wonder if it tastes like the meal it was made into?
a n n i e

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