Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feeling Off
I started feeling weird yesterday. I couldn't really describe the feeling except that I felt like I wasn't in my body? I felt hot and sweaty when wearing my blazer but got super cold when I took it off. Then I felt queasy in a non-throwing up way and just felt off. I kept thinking maybe it's because I've been getting 3 hours of sleep (if you call it sleep, more like half awake half sleep) or less Luckily I felt better before I had to walk my butt to a friend's fashion show.

My sister made some "Chinese" food by using a package of orange chicken sauce over fried cuts of chicken. She also sauteed brussel sprouts (she never steams them before so they're always super crunchy) and cooked up some jasmine rice. I don't know if it may just be me but brussel sprouts have a laxative effect on me. I don't know if I can eat brussel sprouts before anything major anymore LOL.

Then, for dinner I had gomtang in Santa Clara after class. Oh how much I love gom tang. It reminds me of all the family trips to Lake Tahoe and LA trips when we used to stop by all the Korean restaurants (San Francisco is the only city I know that doesn't have a great gomtang restaurant!). It is basically a soup that is cooked with oxtail (weird for some people) for hours and then served with beef and noodles and rice, then you have to season it on your own with salt and pepper and for me and my cousin: lots of green onions. I usually don't finish the whole bowl but since I haven't had it in months, I killed it.

 Then to finish the perfect dinner off, my sister and I had pinkberry! Oh gosh I love this place so much and it's weird for me to say so because I don't really like cold stuff like ice cream. Shocking right? I usually get strawberries and chocolate chips but this time I got dark chocolate crisps instead and I am now a convert. They're like the candy, Crunch.
Then the nice cashier persuaded me to start a stamp card and was nice enough to give my sister and I two stamps each! I thought he was super nice until my coworker mentioned that they usually do it for people who start their stamp cards. =P


I wanted a really good bowl of oatmeal (Starbucks is not special enough) so I went to Jamba Juice. This was organic steelcut oats cooked with soy-milk then topped with fresh bananas and brown sugar. This was $2.95 but $1.00 if you get a smoothie but I don't really like smoothies so I had Peet's coffee. Oh I love their coffees! Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks.

I couldn't finish all my oatmeal because it wasn't helping me feel better so I decided to get a burrito to cure my "sickness." You see the pil of onions? Yes, I love onions that much.

This burrito came with tortilla chips and a small salad. I love their side salads! It comes with mixed greens, romaine, huge pieces of tomato and avocado and cotijo cheese mixed with a light vinaigrette.

I always feel that guacamole doesn't just cure the soul, it also cures the body. I felt great after eating this burrito for a few hours. I kept wondering if it had to do with getting nutrients from the veggies so I shall now add more veggies to my repetoire.

Before I leave, I will leave you with my cute socks. The nose actually has extra fabric to accentuate the nose but it wasn't too much fabric to feel uncomfortable in shoes.

I just realized I have a ton of breakfast and coffee photos on my camera. I should just either stick with using my camera instead of using my iPhone all the time.

Tah Tah
a n n i e

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