Sunday, November 14, 2010

In Awe
I meet such interesting and wonderful people in the Bay area. One of my coworkers came to my department and we chatted for a bit. As he was walking away I saw that he had a book in his pocket. I forgot what it was called but it was a Kant philosophy book. He had told me that it was a pre-book that you had to read before you read Kant's philosophy book. I was in awe. He told me he loves philosophy and that he is majoring in it. Smart guy.

I was famished at work today after drinking a grande coffee. I didn't have time to eat breakfast so that may have been the problem.

I started off with a smokehouse chili from Bristol Farms. It had chunks of tomatoes, lots of kidney beans, some shredded beef, sausages, kidney beans and then I topped it off with cheese and sour cream. It was delish!
I also got a salad because after eating a lot of pizza, ice cream and soda at work, I needed one.
This salad had:
  • mixed greens
  • green/yellow bell peppers
  • chickpeas
  • grated carrots
  • bacon pieces
  • pasta salad
  • shrimp
  • barbequed chicken
  • caesar dressing
  • roasted potatoes
Shrimp has got to be the best protein to put in salads! That barbeque chicken was bleh and dry but the bell peppers were so fresh and delicious. This lunch cost me a lot though so I need to seriously start packing lunches to work. That way I save money and I can eat healthier.

I had a review at work yesterday and it wasn't really good. I mean I was good but I basically was sucking at the paperwork in the office. My manager had asked what happened because I never used to be so bad and I really had nothing to say. I honestly think that it's because I've abused alcohol and drugs for so long that it really affected my brain. I'm now always forgetful, it's hard for me to focus and it's affected my sleep. I just feel like if I ever did CAT scan my brain is probably deteriorated. Anywho, I got a book about brain food and they said salmon is a great brain food and my mom made it for dinner today. She makes the best salmond! She sautees onions and jalapenos and puts it on top of seasoned salmon and mayo. The mayo sounds weird but it's great!

Anyways, I am re-watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World because I didn't understand any of it. I will say though, it has got to be one of the strangest films I have seen thus far.
a n n i e

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