Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Ultimate Meeting
I've had the greatest pleasure in meeting one of my favorite chefs, Tyler Florence, at one of my favorite stores, Sur La Table. It was one of the most coolest moments of my life! I mean I do see a bunch of celebrities working at Bloomingdale's but we employees are never allowed to talk to the celebrity unless they happen to talk to you.
My sister and I got there an hour early to wait in line (we were really close!!). The book signing was suppose to happen at 5pm but Tyler Florence came 30 minutes later. I only noticed because he actually came from the back of line to the front (while filming on his iPhone) and he walked into the store. I only noticed it was him because he said, "What's up guys?" while casually walking to the front of the store. I am hoping he will upload the video on his website because I want to see the back of my head!
The employees at Sur La Table said he was only signing books but that I could ask him to sign my martini glass and to not be afraid because he is a really nice guy. I was really nervous but he was really nice and did sign my martini glass for me! He totally asked how I was doing and even shook my hand!!
It was awesome! I even asked him what he drinks at Starbucks: venti hot coffee with three shots of espresso, dry? I don't know what "dry" means in Starbucks lingo but I definitely will need to try it just because you can totally trust a chef's palate!
My martini glass!! EEK!
It was such a great experience and I am glad he is not a diva (unlike some celebrities that shop at Bloomingdale's LOL)
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  1. that's awesomeeeee!!!

    i got my first book signing over the summer by candace bushnell now that you mentioned it, i have no idea where is that book, haha!

  2. that is soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!! Awesome pics!!!

  3. which one is you??? well... both of you are so sweet! :)

  4. Hey coco! I'm the one in the white =)