Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One of my favorite meals has to be brunch. I love the eggs benedict, savory egg crepes, toast with jam, the ambiance and especially mimosas. Lately, I have not been able to get out of bed until 10 and that is the perfect time to get a big cup of coffee and an awesome brunch ready. I've had the past two days off and I've been home alone in the mornings so it made me really appreciate the art of brunch.
My first omelette was just broccoli and parmesan. I didn't have any omelette ingredients so I did what I could at the time. I've also had "pugliese," and I'm only putting quotation because that is what the bread cover said but it tasted like sourdough. Either way it was fine with me because I love sourdough.
I had a big cup of coffee. This was my first cup in two weeks since my dehydration and I wish I had gotten good coffee. This is coffee re-brewed from my parent's coffee grinds in the morning. It was so watery and disgusting that I only could have a few sips. Since I enjoyed brunch so much I decided to go to Trader Joe's and buy some ingredients. I also got instant coffee since I'm only making coffee for myself in the mornings. I didn't realize Trader Joe's had instant coffee! I opened this up this morning and it smelled like ass. Of course once it was mixed in with hot water (it dissolved really quickly) and fat-free milk, it smelled like good ole coffee.
It wasn't exactly Peet's coffee or Bluebottle but it's a lot better than reusing coffee grinds.
This omelette is made with crimini mushrooms, baby spinach, italian sausage, parmesan cheese (all purchased from Trader Joe's), two eggs, salt and pepper and of course a ton of chili flakes. I also enjoyed mini bagels (purchased from Trader Joe's) with light cream cheese. It has been a few weeks since I've had a bagel and it was so delicious!
I enjoyed both omelettes with a healthy dosage of ketchup.
Well I am back to working tomorrow and I'm hoping I can get up early enough to make and enjoy brunch.
p.s. a very special post tomorrow!
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  1. i would so eat your food!!! i want to eat them now!! i love sourdough tooo!

    have you had tofu cream cheese?

  2. Ack, I'm not a fan of instant coffee..that's all my parents' have in their house, and I'm always glad to be back to my coffee-brewer! I LOVE brunch too, but I like it LATE. Like 3pm, or 12 am. Hahaha~