Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missing You
Lately I've been really missing everything. I miss Richard and our times together. I miss my sweet sweet Richard. In times like these, I don't know where to turn sometimes but what I do to but go back and do the things that we used to love to do together; such as eating. We first discovered Chipotle together. I remember the first time we've ever found Chipotle, we were driving around and we decided to venture out and try something new but we weren't really hungry so we shared tacos at Chipotle. We enjoyed it so much we came back that night for dinner (we crossed our fingers hoping we wouldn't get the same person!). Ever since then, we would then enjoy Chipotle on our bed and chatted while we ate late at night.

I wasn't very hungry at work and I had packed a salad for work that I didn't eat and decided to bulk up my Chipotle mess with it.
I also got an Izze to enjoy with my meal (classic coke would've been better though =P)
I basically got everything but the hot sauce and the beans. They were trying to smush it all down to put the cover on.
I miss eating Chipotle with you. I miss you eating my leftovers the most.
a n n i e

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  1. aww...

    i miss him too but this is for the best and now i'm totally okay with it. you will be too!!