Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Little Treat
I've been having weird appetites lately, eating some things that I never usually crave or normally wouldn't eat or I hardly ever eat. I guess when you're emotional (and on your period) you just have weird cravings.

While waiting in line to meet Tyler Florence, my sister and I were conveniently right across Pinkberry. I don't really usually like cold stuff like ice cream (I'll even wait for my yogurt to be at room-temperature) but for some reason I was craving frozen yogurt with toppings. Pinkberry has got to be the best frozen yogurt I have tried. This literally tasted like frozen Greek yogurt. It was tangy and sweet and I immediately got on my iPhone to see if it was actually Greek yogurt (website didn't say). I must've enjoyed it so much that the people in front and back of us in line went to Pinkberry to buy themselves a treat.
I've been enjoying my coffee every morning. It's gotten really chilly again in the bay and hot coffee is so great when you're walking outside downtown San Francisco early morning and you can see your breath in the cold air.
One of those chilly days it got really warm in Bloomingdale's and I had to have myself a Jamba Juice. I don't even like smoothies or milkshakes! So it was really weird that I was craving it. I found a hair on top of my smoothie but I just fished it out and the surrounding smoothie that I thought was contaminated and just kept drinking away. I got Aloha Pineapple because I love pineapples.
Then I had a craving for boxed Mac and Cheese and ate half of it plain and the other half I added a can of tuna and more cheese.

a n n i e


  1. do you like pumpkin spice? red mango have that flavor! i like pinkberry better than red mango and red mango here is so freaking expensive!

    i want to meet my crush, bobby flay!! his restaurant is like 2 blocks away from union square, where i am all the time and i never see him );

  2. omg I've tried a lot of frozen yogurt place and pinkberry is number 1!

    does he have twitter? maybe he will tweet that he's at his restaurant one day lol