Thursday, October 14, 2010

COACH loves

I've yet to have a Coach bag in my collection. It seems odd but I just didn't like the fact that so many teenyboppers would carry those monogrammed C's handbag around school or at the malls. They just seemed childish to me. But, I've been really looking at their bags now and they are more sophisticated with their leather bags.
This here is the Kristin bag and I am longing for one. I like to have everything classy and classic so I want to get this beautiful taupe color because it's a neutral color. The black seemed too harsh for sophistication but this color makes this bag.

Then I saw their booties and I fell in love. I saw these and it made my heart swoon. These are THE booties in my opinion. It's a peeptoe bootie with straps with gold buckles. These are definitely on my wishlist. I'd definitely would wear these with grey long cableknit socks that go to the knee. Or pair them with boyfriend chinos. These are to die for.

I'm so glad I work at Bloomingdale's and I get my discount!

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