Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Belts are great accessories! Not only do they keep your pants up but they can accentuate your waist over dresses and tunics.

I have countless dresses that are billowy and bubble-like that I looked like a blob when I wore it but once I put a belt on it became a lovely silhouette.

I've also wore a maxi skirt as a dress with a belt as well.

My Top 10:

10. Menswear Watch
9. Pearls
8. Painted Nails

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silk Done Right

I found a gorgeous simple slip-like silk dress none other than Banana Republic. It's a gorgeous dress and right now retail price is kind of steep (I've gotten cheap since getting such great discounts working at Bloomies!) but it will be a great purchase once the price is in red.

 Favorite part is the back. Elegant thing straps that carefully intertwines on the middle of your back. The banded top with the elegant ruffles of the hem.
I need this dress ASAP.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gift of REI

How is your weekend going lovely girlies?

Blogger has been acting very strange lately and I haven't been able to comment AT ALL even after deleting my cookies. Let's hope it will be fixed soon because there were so many posts that I wanted to comment on!

Today, Richard and I started off the day with breakfast.

Of course, I had an obligatory coffee. At least 3 cups worth. 

 Jam for my sourdough bread.
 I got linguica and eggs with country potatoes. I love spicy sausage to start off my day.
 Bread came buttered! If I owned a breakfast joint, know that I will always have the toasts buttered for all yall.

Richard went on a shopping spree at REI and I found that I had about $60 in dividends from when I bought my kid's road bike in 2009!

It's so awesome because I somehow lost my bike shorts and those aren't cheap dearies.
Such a great feeling to get biking pants for free!

Well, you know what I mean.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am short. That is a fact. However, I love maxi dresses and maxi skirts! I know short girls don't really look good in long dresses but I don't care, I dos what I pleases.

I hiked up my maxi skirt as a dress but this is the first maxi dress that actually fits well for petites!

Then I had a lovely lunch with Richard at Nordstrom.

Started off with Pomegranate Green tea this time.

I made Richard take a picture of my rings.

OF COURSE I had my Salmon Nicoise salad!

Richard got the Turkey Cranberry with a side salad.

Bread and buttah.

Then after lunch I went straight to dinner!

I haven't seen this beezy in two years! She is my sista from another mista. My sister and my friend, Hana was there also.
We shared sweet potato frites with sriracha ketchup.
I got Jambalaya. I don't know what real Jambalaya tastes like but I really like the one at Elephant Bar!

I am soo pooped.

Goodnight girlies.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carrot Tops

I don't know if it's edible but I was too scared to eat it especially since people always cut them off before eating.

Are carrot tops okay to eat?

p.s. I don't know what is wrong with blogger but they won't let me comment on your blogs! Just letting you know, I'm still reading =)
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cross My Heart

I've been obsessed with crossbodies lately or handbags in general. I actually spend a good hour a day just searching through the net and find some goodies for you girlies and myself.

Bright colors are seriously in this season and crossbodies are no exception. I love this J.Crew candy-colored crossbody bag and it's on the top of my list. I've bought a couple of leather handbags from J.Crew and they are good quality. I am seriously a J.Crew fan and they hit it out of the ballpark with this bag.
[ jcrew.com ]
Only thing is that it's $238.00 so it's definitely a purchase when it goes on sale.
[ jcrew.com ]
 Black is classic and it always will be.
[ asos.com ]
 You know me and brown leather bags!
[ asos.com ]
Orange is also huge this season and this bag is gorgeous because the orange is subtle.

What are you loving at the moment?

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Searching...

I hope you gals know by now that I LOVE brown leather totes. Everytime I see a beautiful one, my heart flutters. Of course, I was looking through Olivia Palermo's endeavors and outfits when I spotted this:
[ zimbio.com ]

[ zimbio.com ]
[ zimbio.com ]

[ zara.com ]
Not only is this beautiful but I can somehow afford it and I just have to find it at Zara which I feel like will have to search endlessly or call and hope they have it.

I know it's a huge bag and I will probably look like Mary Kate Olsen with her huge bag but I can't help that I adore it so!

Any other suggestions for a brown leather tote?

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Painted Nails

Chanel Black Satin
Painting your nails is a great accessory! Not only is it cheap and practical but it can really make your outfit.

I remember helping a very upset snotty customer at Bloomingdale's and not only did she complain about an employee but she had a snarky remark about her nails. "I mean, what kind of place does Bloomingdale's run when they have employees with chipped nails?" Although, she was a bit too much and harsh, she's also right. I've seen plenty of people with chipped nails and I just thought they were really grimy and dirty because that's the look chipped nails give off.

So ladies, either put another layer when you see a chip or take it off completely and re-do it. Plus, it is a great relaxing hobby.

My favorite nailpolishes:

1. Chanel Blue Satin
2. Chanel Vendetta
3. Nars Chinatown Red

I have a mixture of very expensive (Chanel) to very cheapy ones (Sinful Colors) and there really is a huge difference in quality. The more you pay, the more pigmented, the longer it lasts and since you're saving so much painting your own, you can afford a pricier one!

My Top 10:
10. Menswear Watch
9. Pearls

On a side note...

I am in LOVE with my mama's vintage Christin Dior silk scarf! She had gotten this about 32 years ago and I completely adore it! She is letting me "borrow" it at the moment but hopefully I will inherit this!

Have a great Sunday lovelies!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Outerlands Pt. 3

I went out with my partner in crime for another great dinner at Outerlands again.

There was a bit of a wait so we had a glass of wine outside while we sat on their wooden bench and watched the sunset.
For the life of me, I could not keep my eyes open in the sunlight. This was probably the best picture out of a dozen.
It was such a beautiful night that we ate outdoors.

Our place setting...
playing cards...
braised carrots...
shiitake and potato soup...
our usual bread pudding...
sage sausage with braised squash...
and an Italian-style chocolate custard with candied hazelnuts and other goodies. So disappointed they didn't have panna cotta like the last two times. It would've made my night.
You can tell how long we've been there when the beginning of our meal was in the light and we ended with dessert in the dark.
Love this beezy.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011



You think a menswear watch is classic? This is the ultimate classic piece of jewelry! Women of all ages look great in pearls from Mademoiselle Coco Chanel to Julia Child to Kim Kardashian in Playboy.

It goes with every outfit, you can wear just one necklace or pile it on and it will still look great!

My Top 10:
10. Menswear Watch

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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Menswear Watch

This is a new segment to my blog, I have been writing a bunch of blog ideas in my Moleskine and I want to partake in a new direction. I don't think I am the best person for style but I do have my opinions and tips!

So, I will be doing a top 10 accessories you must have according to Annie.

10. menswear watch.

I read in an article that watches are supposedly going to be obsolete in a couple of years due to rapid growth in technology However, Cartier and Rolex have been making gorgeous watches for years and I believe it will always be a classic piece of jewelry.

I had bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch for my 22nd birthday and it was one of the best investments ever. I don't wear much jewelry but I have been wearing this almost everyday. Not only is it practical but it suits every outfit, whether you are going out on the town or having a business lunch with potential clients.

I don't think it has to be expensive, I've seen affordable ones at Forever but I believe it has to be stainless steel. The two-tone leather bands are nice too but they are a lot harder to pull off.

This is one investment piece you will have for a lifetime. It is a classic piece of jewelry and it is also chic.

If you can't afford one, you can "borrow" one from your boyfriends.

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Friday, May 13, 2011


Have a great weekend lovelies.

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Worst Job Ever

I have been silent about where I work and I've finally decided to spill my frustrations out here on my blog. You see, I've been working with a temp agency to get a job as an admistration assistant and felt like my prayers have been answered when I landed a 3 month temporary job at a petite lingerie boutique. I didn't realize it at the time but my nightmare had only begun.

The first month seemed great, the manager of the store I was replacing while she went on vacation seemed very patient and understanding and she was a great person. She trained me on everything and gave me a few pointers and even when I made a little mistake she was forgiving. I liked it so much to the point where I had emailed the boutique owner if I can be permanent one day. However, she had told me she couldn't afford me (hello! I was only getting paid $11!!) and that she didn't want to hire anyone.

The manager soon went on her 3 month long trip and I was left with the owner and another lovely coworker who I have become close with. Then this job got increasingly difficult and unmanageable. I had to take on tasks and I literally felt like a slave. I was doing constant emails, steaming thousands of bras, taking inventory of thousands of bras, doing calls, doing orders, packaging orders, cleaning the store, re-doing orders she didn't approve of and just every little unnecessary tasks she had asked me to do. She couldn't trust my emails and would want to proofread before I sent it to a customer. I would then be scolded if I had gotten one punctuation wrong or added too many spaces. She would sigh loudly when I had picked the wrong bra and I couldn't work with her looking over my shoulder. She would even bitch if I had written too big on a post it note because I could write more without wasting anymore post it notes. She made me feel miserable when I worked there and when she had left for a week for business it was HEAVEN.

I had gotten to the point where I was stressed and dreaded waking up early everyday to spend my hellish hours at the store. I work hard without getting any appreciation. When I would do something good she wouldn't compliment me but when I had messed up, I wouldn't hear the end of it.

So, I put my two weeks in yesterday and never felt better. I just feel like at this point in my life I need to do something that I enjoy and after 7 years of working at restaurants, working at a bank and having to making quota and also having a cushy job at Bloomingdale's where I was getting paid a lot more than this job, I know what I am worth and this isn't worth my time.

I honestly feel free like a bird right now.

Although I still have two weeks and I already received an email on a list of what I need to do today, I won't let it get me down now!

Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[ beautydepartment.com ]
 I don't think I am a beauty expert and am kind of shy doing a youtube video but here is a perfect example on how to contour your face by the lovely Lauren Conrad.

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