Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Belts are great accessories! Not only do they keep your pants up but they can accentuate your waist over dresses and tunics.

I have countless dresses that are billowy and bubble-like that I looked like a blob when I wore it but once I put a belt on it became a lovely silhouette.

I've also wore a maxi skirt as a dress with a belt as well.

My Top 10:

10. Menswear Watch
9. Pearls
8. Painted Nails

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  1. I honestly don't wear belts NEARLY enough! They are such a great accessory.

  2. i love belts. truthfully, i don't really know how to accessorize. i don't own much jewelry at all, so i rely on scarves and belts. i like skinny or "normal" thickness belts. i have several thick waist belts but i don't think they work or look good on me :(!

  3. I'm with you -- belts are one of my MUSTS.
    xo Josie