Sunday, May 22, 2011


Painted Nails

Chanel Black Satin
Painting your nails is a great accessory! Not only is it cheap and practical but it can really make your outfit.

I remember helping a very upset snotty customer at Bloomingdale's and not only did she complain about an employee but she had a snarky remark about her nails. "I mean, what kind of place does Bloomingdale's run when they have employees with chipped nails?" Although, she was a bit too much and harsh, she's also right. I've seen plenty of people with chipped nails and I just thought they were really grimy and dirty because that's the look chipped nails give off.

So ladies, either put another layer when you see a chip or take it off completely and re-do it. Plus, it is a great relaxing hobby.

My favorite nailpolishes:

1. Chanel Blue Satin
2. Chanel Vendetta
3. Nars Chinatown Red

I have a mixture of very expensive (Chanel) to very cheapy ones (Sinful Colors) and there really is a huge difference in quality. The more you pay, the more pigmented, the longer it lasts and since you're saving so much painting your own, you can afford a pricier one!

My Top 10:
10. Menswear Watch
9. Pearls

On a side note...

I am in LOVE with my mama's vintage Christin Dior silk scarf! She had gotten this about 32 years ago and I completely adore it! She is letting me "borrow" it at the moment but hopefully I will inherit this!

Have a great Sunday lovelies!

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  1. i love painted nails. do u pain it yourself or do u go to manicure? I can't paint mine, I have no talent on that!

  2. I love painted nails but am terrible at doing it -- and I'm far too OCD to have them be imperfect -- so I tend to go bare-nailed. I'm determined to improve this summer!
    xo Josie

  3. I alwayyyyyyyys have fresh paint on my toes! I can't keep it fresh on my fingers, so I go without or do clear. I agree...polish falling off looks ratty!

  4. i tend to be lazy when it comes to painting my nails - i should be better about painting/removing my chipped nail polish!

  5. i love a nicely painted fingernail. unfortunately for me it only lasts that one day before it starts getting fugly.

  6. i HATE chipped nail polish, but it happens. That's why i have kept mine bare for months!! (only my hands bare, toes are a MUST-PAINT!) im getting my first mani (in like a year?!) in june though for my friend's wedding! yay for prettyness to come!