Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Breakfast

Usually when I wake up, my hair is all over the place.

Sadly, this is my hair when I air-dry after a shower.

How do you crazy-haired girls deal with it?

I usually am too lazy and will just put it up but I want to be able to wear it down without straightening it all the time.

On the menu this foggy Saturday morning was Asparagus Bacon Frittata.

First, chop up all the asparagus and bacon. The asparagus must be cut pretty thin if you are lazy like me and don't wan to poach them first.
 Break four eggs and whisk. I usually use a fork but realized using a whisk makes the eggs more whipped.
 Of course add some milk to make it fluffier.
Sautee the bacon and asparagus together. I recommend cooking the bacon a little before adding the asparagus so it gets crunchy.
Add the eggs and seasoning and lower the heat, making sure it doesn't burn on the bottom.
To cook it fully and let it brown on top, put in the oven for 15 minutes at 375 degrees fahrenheit. Add cheese at the last few minutes if you please.
Make sure you have the oven mitts on. I learned this the hard way today, I forgot the handle was hot and I grabbed it. My right hand hates me.
 I served it with buttered bagel and there was no ketchup needed!
Of course I had an obligatory large coffee that is not pictured.

Have a great weekend loves!

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  1. Breakfast was delicious!!

  2. That breakfast looks delicious Annie! I have wavy hair too in the morning, so to tame the frizz I usue bed head's after party, and for me it does the trick. Hopefully it does for you too!

  3. That frittata looks incredible! I have decidedly unfortunate hair; it's wavy but not pretty-wavy -- weird-wavy. I usually just give up and straighten it in the morning.
    xo Josie

  4. I seriously don't see the problem. It looks beautifully natural and waved.