Sunday, May 8, 2011

J.Crew Haul

I never really liked J.Crew back in the day. I just remember their horrible animal pattern on either green or navy fabric and corduroy pants. I cringe at the thought of it. I would remember just buying their flip flops because they were comfortable and actually affordable.

I started looking at their website last year and realized how much they've changed. I felt as though they targeted the preppy American customers and I hated that look. Now, they've become much softer in colors and are more feminine. They also started teaming up with companies such as Essie and Stila and are only J.Crew exclusive.

These are the past purchases I have meticulously looked over and over at everytime I've went to J.Crew:

Stila for J.Crew in Camellia, pink and grey stretchy headbands and Essie in Mucho Dinero which is like a dusty rose color and that's my favorite shade of pink. I love the packaging of their headbands. It is so elegant and pretty that I don't know if I have the heart to unwrap them!
J.Crew has the best headbands! They aren't the cheapest but they also aren't the most expensive. I've also purchased a silk flower pin that is the gorgeous shade of coral.
I bought this on sale a couple months back when it was an extra 30% and they're from J.Crew kids! Fortunately for me, I am so tiny that I can fit into their stuff! I am so into faux fur scarves that this was too good to pass up. However, it doesn't really stay on my shoulders so I might have to get crafty and add ribbon to tie it together.
 My opinion of J.Crew totally has changed.

I highly recommend you girlies to go over and take a look yourselves!

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  1. ahahaah! I have had 6 or 7 pairs of those J Crew flip flops!! I also remember that a lot of people used to go to them for bikinis too, but now that I like a little padding in mine, so I don't feel NAKED, I haven't been in that store in AGES. I mean, I just don't buy plain layering tanks like I used to!

    love all of the hair accessories!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i think your AIR DRIED hair from your last pics is gorgeous!! and your complexion is FLAWLESS by the way (may I add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    also loved all of those ballet colored dresses in your last post! too bad I can't wear those colors! I would look washed out and dead! :(


  3. I have a serious J.Crew addiction -- like, it's pretty bad. You're so right about the headbands; they're gorgeous! And the Essie colors are always so fun and pretty.
    xo Josie

  4. I loveeeeeee the headbands! So cute! I need to get some news ones. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday :)

  5. i love everything, the colours are so pretty :) i don't have j crew in canada, so i'm not quite sure about them!