Monday, April 18, 2011

Bag Lady

I need a bag. Not just any bag but a brown leather tote that I can carry from school to work and back. It has to be roomy. It has to be functional and it has to be cute!

1. J.Crew Jericho Tote

[ can be found here ]
I love the little pockets on front! It has a huge price tag so I might have to wait for it go on sale and then take advantage of their 30% off final sale promotion.

2. J.Crew Corsa Tote

[ can be found here ]
 This is actually on sale at the moment and they have their 30% off final sale promotion!

3. Deena & Ozzy Leather Pocket Front Tote Bag 

[ can be found here ]
 On sale. It seems huge on the model and the reviews weren't that good but isn't it beautiful? The best brown leather color ever.

 4. ASOS Premium Leather Front Pocket

[ can be found here ]
You've seen this on my blog before and I can't help but to still want this.

I wish I can get all 4 but that's not possible. I think I will decide in a couple of weeks when everything goes down more in price =P

[ a n n i e ]


  1. I like #4 the most.

  2. 1 or 4 is my pick.

    Loving your tote? A very important thing :-)

  3. i pick #2! its such a unique brown. xx

  4. Speaking as someone who totes well over 20 pounds of stuff around campus every day (my poor gray Aldo bag... It's looking a little worse for the wear), I can definitely say that quality is important! I love the first two -- they're gorgeous!
    xo Josie

  5. i'd go for #4 :) but i prefer larger duffel bags so i can put everything in in one go LOL

  6. Have you considered Decadent bags?
    I quite love their looks (especially the work bags).
    I love the fourth of these a lot, and usually ASOS is reasonably priced :o)
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  7. Love all these bags!
    Have a great day!

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  9. The J.Crew Corsa Tote just stole my heart.