Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brain Toniq

I went to a workshop at the Unemployment department today and it was HORRIBLE. First off there was about two fights and many people were kicked out and I just felt out of place. Many people were very angry and I kept hearing F-bombs dropping everywhere and overall I just felt really uncomfortable. I need to find a job ASAP so I don't have to attend anymore of these workshops. I do have a couple of interviews lined up so let's hope someone wants me!

I went out with Richard last night after our therapy sesh and we went to the new Whole Foods that opened on Haight. It was small and had lacked a lot of hot foods at the hot bar but it was just like any other Whole Foods. I think the only difference with this one is that there are straight-up granolas that work here. A guy with dreads and very hippie helped me out at the cash register and it was a pretty awesome experience.

Richard mentioned that the employees here seem very happy and I have to agree. Maybe it was the best location for Whole Foods.
While we were checking out with our food we saw this drink: brain toniq. It's supposed to make you smarter? I don't know but it was expensive, vegan and tasted pretty good.

Do I feel smarter?

Maybe. Not quite sure. Maybe I should get a refund?
Well now I will be taking my dogs for a walk and running some errands so have a happy Thursday loves!

a n n i e


  1. i need some brain toniq and am wishing you all the best on your job search. the ue office is a scary place. please wear a helmet!! i'm an executive recruiter, but can still help w/any interview tips or anything if you need. just say the word.


  2. Good luck! Your experience sounds a little crazy and like it should be on a sitcom :)

  3. I loveeeeeeeee Whole Foods. Everyone I've been to, the employees were extra helpful and extra nice!
    My fiancé asked a stock boy where he could find some panko breading, and the stock boy showed him where it was and even provided him with recipes! Haha, how cute is that?!

    I love organic stuff. The way stuff are supposed to be made.

    I must try that drink now.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. Good luck with your job-hunt, doll! And hilarious about the Brain Toniq... Wonder if it works?
    xo Josie

  5. Good luck looking for a job! I hope one finds you soon :)
    I'm helping my bf find a PhD at the moment and its proving difficult finding something funded, interesting and a decent location so we can be close to eachother.
    Hopefully no more workshop meetings! :)

    (That drink looks like such a scam!)

  6. oye! Sorry to hear about the workshop. But glad you had a good WFs experience. I have a little love for the granola folks ;) Enjoy your weekend