Friday, March 4, 2011

60 Days

There is a little game that is going on Facebook and although I think it is stupid to do it on Facebook but it's perfect to do on blogs! It's called 60 days and each day you have a picture and a story.

Day 1: A picture of yourself with 15 facts.
 This is a picture of me doing what I've been doing lately. Just getting acquainted with my camera =)
  1. I was born in San Francisco and grew up here in the Bay Area. I think it's pretty mind-boggling that people actually drive hours to see the beach but I guess I'm a little spoiled that way.
  2. I am 100% Korean-American but identify myself with being American more than being Korean. So in other terms "white-washed."
  3. I am 4'11.75 but like to round up so I'm 5'0.
  4. I read a ton of books while growing up and trying to get back into it.
  5. I've never eaten a big mac and don't plan on eating it anytime soon.
  6. I am a Pisces Dragon which is a juxtaposition in itself.
  7. I play the violin and piano.
  8. I didn't learn to speak English until the 1st grade which is very odd for someone born in the US of A.
  9. I was robbed when working at the bank. It was horrible because I had to go to court and point the robber out.
  10. I met Tyrese at a mall at the age of 12. He was one of the nicest people I've never met and had a mini conversation  with me and my friends while signing our Sam Goody's (remember that store?!) receipt paper.
  11. When I like something, I buy many multiples. I have doubles or triples of the same shirt, dress or pants in my closet. Yes, I know that's kind of odd but remember I'm a hoarder!
  12. I still have my security blanket from when I was a child that I still sleep with. I get very protective of it and don't even let my dogs touch it!
  13. I cry in almost every movie I've seen. Well besides comedy unless there was a mushy moment.
  14. I love to paint my nails while watching anything fashion-related show on television.
  15. I'm a netflix whore. It's also convenient since the location is in San Jose I can get my DVD in one day when I sent it! Awesome.
Those are all pretty random facts and a lot harder than I thought. So I hope you girlies enjoyed learning a bit more about me =)
Going to get these puppies into warm Hello Kitty slippers and go to sleep.


a n n i e


  1. I love all them little facts. I often find that you can learn a lot about people from them FB things.
    I'm also spoilt by living beside the sea.
    Have your parents always spoke Korean to you?
    Do you find that you're better at learning other languages because you have been bilingual from quite a young age?
    Ps I love them flats!

  2. I enjoyed reading about you! :)

  3. omg i'm the same, even the most 'undramatic' movie i can cry :/

  4. oh wow, i have no idea this was going around facebook. it's actually a nice idea..
    im new to your blog and im totally following.