Friday, February 18, 2011


I know my blog has been random lately but I think it's just because I find a lot of simple things worth blogging about or I have too many interests! However, I hope you gals are enjoying my little rants and ramblings!

Anyone watch I used to be Fat? I love it! I never watched it on tv but I caught it on OnDemand and it's so inspiring! I've never seen a bunch of people so determined and so driven and I cried in almost every episode I've watched. It makes me wonder if I can help change peoples' lives in a wonderful way like these trainers have been. Time for a career change maybe?

Anyways look at this gnarly thing:
 This little doggie always gives me trouble. You let him go outside to pee and play a little and he comes back with a slug on his back. I didn't feel comfortable killing or squishing the poor thing so my sister got it off and left it outside. We're very buddhist-like like that.
I also found this big stone ring at Forever 21. I am loving big-stoned rings lately and color combinations. My favorite color combinations are: navy and black (the favorite of all at the moment), peach and gold, black and black just because everyone looks good in all black. Plus it's so simple that you can really leave the accessories and makeup to do all the talking ;)


3. Utensils
I am always on the prowl for cute utensils and found a couple! Most of these I didn't pay more than a dollar for and the metal ones in the middle are from CB2. I think you can get 5 for about $6? Not too shabby and the spoon is great for yogurts! In which case I am looking for the perfect yogurt spoon at the moment.

Any suggestions?

a n n i e


  1. I love I Used To Be Fat - inevitably I cry every time. I think it is so inspiring and so good - not the usual craziness on MTV (although I love a little of that, too).

    You scored on your F21 ring - the color is perfect for spring!!


  2. I used to be fat is awesome! It is amazing to watch people change their lives. I'm obsessed with dishes! I don't have tons, but I would love to :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend

  3. lol, my dogs bring in things from outside all the time.

    This morning Abby brought in a ladybug!

    That ring is gorgeous - a great find!

  4. Annie that maxi is actually a skirt with a body suit beneath and you can get it at free people. It's so pretty, huh? I do love it!


  5. Your utensil collection is awesome haha. I love it when people have sets that don't match, but are all just unique pieces.

  6. I used to be fat gets me every time! And I am obsessed with big rings lately myself. I really love yours!!!

  7. peach and gold is one of my favorite jewelry combinations too. its so elegant and pretty!

  8. My favorite yogurt spoon, I found at this cooking store whose name I have entirely forgotten...but it was a fountain soda spoon, you know those really long ones with a very small, delicate ladle. My other favorite yogurt spoon is free...from Yogurtland! Hee hee, I have several of those. I always keep them.

  9. I adore utensils. I especially love those hello kitty ones!!
    I hate bugs, but I also try not to kill them :). My dog always comes in with insects and twigs hanging off her!

  10. I'm a utensil obsessive too! I love baby utensils, specially spoons!