Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crap Pizza

I had date night with Richard last night since we had to cancel our weekly therapy session and he will be snowboarding this weekend =(

Good for him but I will be here pining for him.

Anyways, we met up in "our city," Palo Alto and had dinner and Starbucks. This is the city we hopefully will move together one of these days.

We were at Stanford mall and I wanted to try this pizzeria when we had California Pizza Kitchen one night. It looked like a legit pizzeria! It's called Babbo Pizzeria and it was seriously not worth my time and money.
 First off, when I walked into the restaurant I saw this plate of bread near the entrance and realized I was served the same plate of bread when I bit into it. It tasted like day old Pizza Hut pizza crusts. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Pizza Hut oily crusts but when it's at a supposedly "fancy shmancy" restaurant? It's not good at all!

Well I was craving pizza and caesar salad so I depended on those dishes to make it up to me.
 There were many things wrong with this salad
  1. I seriously had to pay $10 to cut my own salad?
  2. The "croutons" were baked with cheese and then slathered with more cheese. I mean I love cheese but it made it that much saltier.
  3. TOOOO much dressing and those anchovies were BAD.
 The pizza was okay. It was $15 for the size of a dinner plate. Richard and I split the pie but you have to realize Richard is about a foot taller and about 100lbs heavier than me and I was really hungry by the end of the night. So imagine Richard probably starving to death. Poor kid =(

Then we headed off to Starbucks.
 I had a grande green tea and tried to fit in with all them Stanford kids. It is such a nice Starbucks! Stanford kids are REALLY spoiled. I mean they all had Macbooks and even one kid had an iPhone, Macbook Pro and an iPad. I mean first they get to go to a beautiful school with a beautiful campus but a unversity surrounded with delicious eats and this gorgeous Starbucks. I guess they do deserve it since they might be future surgeons or what nots.
 They even had a fireplace and couches and long Hogwart's-like tables. I didn't take a lot because they seemed annoyed of me because I'm such a loud girl. One guy with a bunch of papers was giving me the stank eye.


2. Taupe
 Excuse my tired face because it was raining like crazy and I didn't do drag-queen makeup like I usually do when I go out.

Anywho, I am obsessed with taupe! It is my favorite neutral of the moment and it goes with EVERYTHING. I am not one to wear a ton of colors and usually stray on the other side of the rainbow so it's a nice change that I like something like this.
Gap peacoat circa 2007, Jcrew black cardigan, F21 taupe tank over F21 white tank, Marc by Marc Jacobs belt, Vince equestrian black pants, Corso Como riding boots and carrying a Marc Jacobs clutch in Taupe
My original plan was to wear suede heels but since it was raining cats and dogs I had to abort the plan and wear boots.

Revlon Grey Suede and Essie Matte about you
 You can't really tell by any of my pictures but my nails were a matte taupe too!! Such a sophisticated color yet subtle so you're not feeling too exposed. I feel like I am somewhat mature wearing this color as well! It is magic I tell ya!

I wish I didn't lose my good camera at the club. I have to depend on crappy digital cameras or iPhone cameras until I can afford to buy a DSLR.

Well it is raining still so I will be thinking of what to do. I have this itch to go downtown and go to Borders since it's the first one closing and it will be having a liquidation sale!

Be safe!

a n n i e


  1. I think you should go to Borders! Pay a tribute to your lovingness to books and reading and get a deal on some books. However, big retail stores usually start their mark-downs at 20% but it all depends on how fast they want to bounce!

  2. bahhh! How annoying that dinner wasn't good! When a restaurant screws up a makes me so mad. At least you had delicious Starbucks to make up for it ;) Your outfit is adorable. I'm especially loving the shoes!