Saturday, February 5, 2011

Black Coffee

It's funny because I love looking at celebrity photos. There are many reasons why I look at photos but the biggest reason is the fashion. I love looking at current trends and many celebrities wearing the same trend but in different styles. I always take notes and do research to find the cheaper version of their designer duds. One of the celebrities I look at is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. You guys can make fun of me but they pretty much know their fashion. Little Michelle Tanner actually grew up to be a big fashion icon. Anywho, they always have a venti Starbucks cup in their hands with their smartphones.

I don't know where I'm going with the story but it somehow leads to me having black coffee. LOL

I woke up this morning waiting to tackle the day and started making my morning brew and realized we are out of milk! My sister was the culprit and didn't even bother replacing it =( Oh well, I wanted to start going black with coffee I guess today is the day!
 It's not bad at all. I think I can get used to this. My stomach wasn't meant for lactose anyways.
 Then I made some PB&J to go with my coffee.
 A totally delish combo especially since I don't use any sugar or sweetener in my coffee. I think the best combo has got to be black coffee with gingerbread cookies though. Mmm
 Then to complete the meal I had a delish orange on the side. Oranges are my favorite fruit. It's just really had to get a really good orange. They're either dry at the tips or flavorless.

Then to top off my day, I got mail!!
 What is it?
A Moleskine planner! I know it's just a notebook but I am a Moleskine Junkie. I for sure started writing in it ASAP.

Well now I will be watching Saturday morning cartoons and relaxing until I start my day in about two hours.

Good day!

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  1. oooo! new planners!! I love planners/calendars/organizing stuff...........though you wouldn't know it if you saw my room! haha I can be a little messy at times.

    and oh man the Olsen twins. What would we do with out them! Did you ever watch So Little Time?!

    amazing show! HA!!

    have a great weekend!!!

  2. I started to look at celebrities pics from Vogue Diaries and also because o the fashion. Which websites do u look at Annie? We should share our sources ;)