Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sorry for that crazy post last night. I just didn't want to not show my whole world because it's so dark sometimes. I want to be able to who I really am and show through this blog my progression in life while sharing my ups and downs. I mean it would be great to always have the ups but life's not always daises sometimes they're thorny dark roses. So, I want to keep this blog real for my readers but I don't want you guys to worry or anything I just want people to listen sometimes. So, I am sorry about my dark post.

Anyways, enough of that matter I have been eating very well.
My sister made us Trader Joe's Indian food with frozen naan and it was delicious! Best frozen Indian food.

I've also been getting early enough before work to eat some breakfast. I bought freeze-dried strawberries and ate it with my rice krispies. This is before the milk.

Then after the milk. It was really good.

This was my packed "lunch" or more like snacks for work. I bought these individual sized Sabra hummus at Costco. I know they're not really eco-friendly but it's just so convenient! I also had a banana and a Trader Joe's honey nonfat Greek yogurt. One of my favorites.

Now here is the best part:

Yogurts galore!!! My lovely sister went to Mollie Stone's for me and got me 8 Fages (4 for $5) and 20 wallaby's, 10 raspberry flavor and 10 peach flavor (10 for$7). I am in yogurt heaven. My sister mentioned how crazy she looked when she checked out. I told her she was the best sister EVA.

I also bought 3 squashes. I got a squatternut bosh (hehe), kobacha and acorn squash. I want to just cut them up and bake them but I also want to make some awesome butternut squash soup. The ones that I remembered eating as a child. So, heres to some posts about squash experiments!
Now, I will enjoy eating some yogurt with every meal LOL

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