Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall is Here
I love when it gets cold and rainy. I was born and raised here in the Bay Area and for as long as I can remember I just loved the cold. I love wearing my peacoats in the middle of July and wearing rainboots in the rain. I love crunching on the leaves while seeing my breath in the air.

I've also realized that Fall is here because of my Mollie Stones ad.
I was looking at ads (as I do on Mondays) and write my grocery list out for that week. Well let's just say it was the best ad so far this week! Favorites including Fage is 4 for $5, wallaby organic yogurt are 10 for $7 and best of all, all the squashes are cheap! I'm definitely putting kobacha and butternut squash in my basket this week. It's also killing me because the sale starts tomorrow while I'm at work! You obviously can tell that Fage will be gone ASAP. I am taking their whole stock! My sister also agreed she would shop for me so I will clutch onto my iPhone hoping she would be able to get everything on the list for me.
Wish my sister and I good luck! Lol

My mom also took the time to make homemade dumplings. They're made with cabbage, onions, tofu, ground pork, green onions and bean sprouts. The only thing I don't like about Korean dumplings are how thin the dumpling skins are! I love the Chinese ginger pork and chives dumplings with the doughy skin. They're still good though!

You can eat dumplings in many different ways. So far I've eaten them steamed, boiled and in soups. I think the best way to eat them are in soups though but it's because I love soups.

Another sign that fall is here? Persimmons! They are so delicious and they are so ripe right now.

I've also indulged in the McDonald's bandwagon for the McRib.

Come on! These only come once in every few years! You bet I got me one!

I've also got some new colors for Fall. My favorites are chinchilly (the middle Essie one) and OPI's Lincoln park after dark. Chinchilly is a shade of grey and Lincoln park after dark  is a dark jeweled-tone purple.

a n n i e


  1. oh you live in bay area?! i used to live in sunnyvale, newark, taraval st and 19th avenue.

    dumplings are the best when laziness occurs.