Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I Collect

I am a hoarder. I need to be on that show. I have this weird obsession with thinking that if I use it over time, everything is going to wither and eventually disintegrate. So, that may be the reason why I collect multiples hoping that I can be able to have these treasures for a long time.

1. Flower pins.
 I love silk flower pins. I especially have an obsession with Chanel camellia flowers.
 Most are collected from ebay and were meant to be stuck on their shopping bags. The headband was actually bought at Neiman Marcus and it's making me sad that it's fading =(
 Silk flowers from random stores.

The worst part? These are just SOME of my flowers. Maybe because when you're going to San Francisco, you need to be sure to wear some flowers in your hair =)

2. Little Brown Bag.
 I wonder if a little part of me wnted to work at Bloomingdale's because of their iconic Little Brown Bag. Either way, I am obsessed with their line and have bought a couple of items like their lunch bag, large canvas bag (not pictured), couple of keychains (not pictured), water bottle and the coffee mug. The coffee mug was actually given to me as a gift by my friend Hana. She's such a sweetie.

3. Water Bottles.
 For a long time I was obsessed with fancy shmancy waters. Everywhere Richard and I went shopping, I would be on the lookout for fancy water.

4. Fashion Magazines.
I reread a lot of my favorite books and magazines. Sometimes I would randomly remember an article I read in said September 2006 issue of Vogue and would look through my archives and read it. I have no idea why but it's hard for me to throw them away!

There are just some of my collections. Some, meaning these are something I am always on the lookout for when shopping or looking around.

What do you collect?

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  1. You are not a hoarder!Well if you are, I totally am too! It is really hard for me to throw away fashion magazines even from a couple of years ago ( esp. French or British Vogues)
    I also have an alarming amt.of perfume, and lipgloss at any given time- which are only thrown away if absolutely necessary because they are just so pretty. And let's not even start with the clothes- I swear I have stuff from 10 years ago I still wear!

  2. I collect mugs and coffee cups.

  3. I'm with Laura- definitely not a hoarder! I'm mostly an anti hoarder...I hate having extra stuff. I guess if I collect anything its random kitchen items (baking sheets and other tools, gadgets, etc!!)

  4. haha so cute!! At least you hoard cute things, and not old dolls or baby clothes....or trash! eww. that show is so sad to me!! Even though I'm going into Psych, I can hardly stand watching it!!

    Anddddddddd, I love Bloomies!! I haven't been in so long because there isn't one near me, but I love that store!! Lotsa good memories!!!

    i love flowers in hair! I need to get some more for my collection!! esp black and white flowers! :)

    also fancy water bottles are SO FUN. I carried my smart water bottle around for a few weeks!!



  5. I'm with you, doll. I have SO much stuff. I save every issue of every magazine, which really adds up over the 10 years I've been subscribing to many of them. It's a problem. And I love Little Brown Bag products; I have the makeup bag and desperately want a mug!
    xo Josie

  6. Love the little brown bag and the flower pins!

  7. love your collection of chanel flowers! they are so delicate and pretty looking!

  8. I collect books. I re-read books all the time and I just can't face the idea of giving any of them up because one day - possibly in the distant future - I may want to read it again.

    Oh, and random makeup cases - Yes, I have plenty of Chanel too! :-)

  9. I seem to collect boxes of cereal. On accident. I can never pass up a good sale... :)

  10. i accidentally collection magazines too. i don't try to but i always think i will need to reference it later, so i just don't throw it away. drives my hubby crazy! i also start collection antique tea cups.

    loooooove the chanel flower pins.

  11. Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it !

    Henar <3
    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  12. aww this is such a cute post!! those flower pins are very very pretty! mind sharing which e-bay buyer you buy from?

    and water bottles!! i also have a thing for water bottles, but i get made fun of by my bf and eventually throw them out. i use them as flower vases :D

  13. i collect so many things but its difficult because our place is so so small. i love the flower collection you've got going!! i had a habit of collecting fancy smanshy water bottle too, but had to stop due to lack of space ahaha!!

  14. I love collecting SCARVES, stationery, and hair accessories ^^ i've just started using my stationery...felt bad not to use i gotta make room for more!