Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday is for Brunch

I had a tough time last night. I had so much anxiety and it mostly had to do with Corel Paintshop. I wanted to make a beautiful header that comprised of things that I was passionate about like a Christian Louboutin heel and a cup of coffee but I couldn't get it. Well I know I have to give myself some credit it was my first time using it and my header didn't come out looking that bad right?

Anywho, Richard and I wanted to get brunch today since Sundays are for brunch! Our original plan was to eat at Boudin's but decided last minute to eat Pasta Pomodoro brunch.

We got to the restaurant and realized they didn't have brunch anymore! Since when you guys?! Why didn't you warn me?!
 We started off with bread and since we got there right when it opened it was warm and toasty. Yum. The bread got less fluffy though.
 I got the lunch express special so I started off with a small insalata misto without the gorgonzola cheese.
 Then I got the healthy chicken which came with whole wheat fusilli, steamed zucchini, grilled chicken with pomodoro sauce. I was expected huge pieces of zucchini rounds and chargrilled chicken on top of pasta but basically got regular pasta. I need to stop expecting so much at chain restaurants.
Richard got a side of brussel sprouts for us and it was deliciously cooked! I love brussel sprouts =) especially when it's cooked to perfection!

Our waiter looked like Jay Sean and I decided to let him know so I can make his day. As he approached I asked him, "You know who you look like?" Then he said, "Don't say Jay Sean."

I guess he gets that a lot.

Day 3: A picture of the cast of your favorite show.
My favorite all-time show has got to be The Simpsons. I mean, what is there not to like about this show? It's not on cable, the yellow skin is amazing and it's funny. I mean seasons 1-12 are funny. The reason why I love this show is that it's not just all comedy, it has its sentimental moments and that's what makes a great show. I mean I also love Family guy but it's just always cruel and funny. The Simpsons has moments where it makes me cry (when Homer meets his mom after a long hiatus),and moments where my heart melts (the episode when they tell the story of when Maggie was born) and when I get scared (the episode where they find an "angel"). Also, Conan O'Brien wrote for them for a long time!

a n n i e


  1. i just discovered how delicious brussel sprouts are, especially when they're cooked with delicious seasonings! also, how yummy is pasta pomodoro bread? yum!

  2. I love brussel sprouts too!

  3. That bread looks AMAZING. I need some stat.
    xo Josie

  4. I am so wrestling endlessly with the header I am trying to design for my blog. Let me know if you have any breakthroughs.

    It appears a lot easier to do than it is....

  5. Sundays are definitelyyyyyy for brunch :) Bummer that the restaurant doesn't serve brunch any more. Regardless- those brussels look fantastic. I love your header - its super cute

  6. Oohh I like sprouts as well, some people dislike it a lot because it has a little bit of a bitter taste in the middle.