Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off The Grid


It happened today.

While Richard and I made our way down to our therapy sesh, we wanted to stop by the McDonald's on haight to grab an iced coffee when we saw this:

 Aww yeah... OFF THE GRID!

As seen on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. A gathering of all food trucks to create the ultimate eating fest.

 The lines weren't bad at the cupcake truck, regular taco truck and the Filipino taco trucks but a huge line (all the way to the other end) was for one truck.
 The Korean BBQ truck. I saw the menu and it wasn't THAT impressive. Plus, my mama makes the best Korean BBQ!
 This truck didn't have a line and it seemed pretty interesting. Japanese riceballs filled with different fillings wrapped up with seaweed. Some were even toasted.

Too bad, Richard and I had our own nosh fest at Popeye's. But, if I had known it was right next to our therapy sesh, I would've eaten there! D'OH!
 At least we had In n Out on our way home =)

It was also scorching today here in the Bay Area. I also read that it was a record-breaking mini heatwave at 82 degrees!! Yes, it's not that hot compared to the south or other countries but it was scorching for us. We're always at a constant 40-50 and I even wear my peacoats in July. Yet, we all bitch when it gets too cold and we all bitch when it gets too hot.

San Franciscans are definitely Goldilocks.

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  1. Um... Jealous. It's serendipity.
    xo Josie

  2. off the grid- how cool! I love the concept. I am a heattttttttt fan. I can't wait until the heat & humidity & Charleston kicks back in. The heat has started a bit

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  4. MMM YUM! i would've totally went and join in the food fun! :D

  5. i went to one of those street truck things in sf a few months back! xx