Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Order: Part Deux

I realized I have a ton of stuff in my room. Just piles and piles of stuff just waiting to be organized. Since I have a lot of time I thought I would take this opportunity to do a lot of inventory and organizing in my room/closet. The clothes are going to take some time and Excel is going to have to help me out and Richard gave me a brilliant idea to take pictures of everything I have and organize them that way too. I also want to be able to look through my pictures and combined them and plan for outfits that way as well.

Today I organized my nailpolishes.
I am embarassed to say I have enough nailpolish to open my own salon.
These are most of my nailpolishes but I have a couple laying around in crevices of my bathroom, desk, some still in shopping bags that I bought them in.

The Christian Louboutin box is downstairs where I do most of my painting and have the latest color I bought. Plus other small stuff that I never bothered to clean up like that Evian water mister (I know, I don't know what I was thinking either), fake eyelashes and makeup samples.

It's all overwhelming right now but I know I will feel refreshed when it's all over and organized.

I am going to reward myself with some Chipotle since it's the last day for the promotion =(

Day 5: A Picture of your favorite memory.

I know the picture is tiny but it's a panoramic view of San Francisco. I realized I can't choose a favorite memory but I can show you a picture of the city where I had the most memories. From going to school for the first time (I was so excited I woke up super early and put on my Disney backpack!), my first date with Richard, first time going to a Giants' game in Embarcadero and the best places I shopped and ate. It was actually the first city I had a really nice gourmet fancy shmancy dinner.

So there it is, San Francisco, the city of beautiful memories

 [ a n n i e ]


  1. You are such a high class broad! I LOVE it :)

  2. an organized collection of nail polishes are happy collections. :)

  3. i need to be more organized with my nail polishes, i just have them all over one of my night stand and in my bathroom :T haha..

  4. I am jealous of your nail polish collection! It's probably 289374x larger than mine. I only brought 5 with me to college :( Great blog by the way!~Emily

    P.S. I love moleskines too!

  5. You have SO many gorgeous bottles of nail polish! Super jealous. Is it weird that I'm even jealous of the boxes?
    xo Josie

  6. Organizing is so refreshing!! Eat some guacamole for me! San Fran! I spent about 7 years of my childhood nearby. Love that city.

  7. What great shoe boxes to store them in:)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. I'm just in love with the shoe boxes.... ;)

    I collect nail polish, too. Which is funny because I really only put it on my toes on a regular basis. And even then, I hate my feet, so they don't get shown off very often!