Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How I Put on my Red Lipstick

I had a reader email me and ask how I put on my red lipstick. I am by no means an expert or a makeup artist but I will share with you all on how I put on my red lips.

** Please excuse the bra straps, the messy hair, the shiny nose and the bad pictures =P **
First start off with clean lips. No food stains and make sure it isn't wet.
 These are my tools for red lips.
 First, you MUST moisturize! I love lipsticks but have found that the cheapy drugstores tend to dry out my lips. There is nothing wrong with drugstore brands because I do love them myself but they lack moisture for the lips.
 Then you must prime the lips. Red lipsticks tend to bleed (especially when they are cheap!) so primer is a MUST.
 This is MAC myth lipstick. This is a cross between concealer and lipstick. It is very matte and very dense. I hear Angelina Jolie uses this lipstick for her lips. It does have the power to enlarge lips. Or just a regular primer like the Shiseido one that I use.

 Make sure your lips are matte. At this stage, I will get a facial tissue and press my lips against it to make it more matte.
 Then you must line the lips. This is an important step especially if you don't have a lip brush to be precise and color in lips.

 You can probably stop after this step and call yourself a chola.

 This is Chanel's Russet Moon. I had oought this for my nighttime lips.
 Apply generously and blot with facial tissue. If you want them darker make sure after you blot to put on another layer. Keep layering until the color you desire is met.

"Why so serious?"
 I look like the Joker in the last picture. I'm such a creeper.

There you go! Red lips galore!

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  1. Great tips! I need to get that MAC primer for when I wear red lips/ lipstick in general
    I love the idea that it plumps up the lips and gives you a good base to start with

  2. hi Annie
    beautiful color
    im too afraid to try red color myself
    b/c i always looked ridiculous at the dance performances when we were forced to put on red lipsticks really dark haha
    but yours look light and love it!
    im now your follower
    hope you could follow me back? :)

  3. That Chanel lipstick looks gorgeous, I love the shade :) & I definitely need to give this a try, thanks :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  4. this colour is perfect for you!